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Below is all the municipality documents for submissions and City planning documents for the Tshwane Municipality that we have. We make these available to you to assist you as far as possible

Document   pdfword
Town Planning Scheme 2008/04/23 City of Tshwane Town Planning scheme as on 2008    
Land use applications Fees Land use applications Fees ANNEXURE H15.1    
Consent Use ConsentUseGeneralClause16 June 08    
Consolidation and Subdivision Consolidation and Subdivision- June 08    
Division of land Division of land - June 2008    
PermissionTTS PermissionTTS June08    
Removal of Title Cond or amendment Removal of Title Cond or amendment- June2008    
Rezonig Rezonig Section 56 - June 2008    
Rezoning Rezoning Section 28 June 08    
Second dwelling Second dwelling Permission TTS June 2008    
Removal and rezoning Simultaneous Removal and rezoning (3 of 1996) June 08    
Building inspec stages Building inspec stages    
Building plan submission (OLD) Building plan submission (OLD)    
Comments of another party Comments of another party    
DFAManual DFAManual    
Engineer appointment Engineer appointment    
Interpartite comment Interpartite comment    
Interpartite sectional title Interpartite sectional title    
Restriction of Access Restriction of Access    
Building plan submission (NEW) RIMIXC 2 BOU PLANNE    
Special power of attorney Special power of attorney    
Tshwane Town planning Scheme infosheet Tshwane Townplanning Scheme infosheet    

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