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advanced sans 10400-xa

Basic SANS 10400-XA Fenestration and Energy Calculator

NEW energy efficiency in Building requirements/ regulations is in place for all new buildings being built in South Africa, all home owners must comply or ensure it is complied to.

The South African Trade and Industry Minister, Rob Davies has published amendments to the energy efficiency regulations. This makes it compulsory for all new buildings to be designed and built to meet a standard that will minimize the energy they use.

The South African Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has said that these regulations will coincide with the National Energy Strategy that were identified in the Industrial Policy Action Plan laid out to strengthen and improve South African standards and regulations for energy efficiency.

The energy efficiency regulations that was put in place by the DTI for commercial and residential buildings, places of learning and worship, certain medical clinics, and other categories of buildings makes it compulsory for the buildings to be designed and built in a way and to the standards required so the energy used will meet the functional requirements but would also remain as minimal as possible.

These energy efficiency regulations, has put all Architectural persons under more pressure to gain knowledge of how to implement these SANS 10400XA and SANS 204 regulations and the responsibility for any calculations which was done, during design stages. This will also have the effect of increase in costs to draw plans as, only but a few are registered as competent persons to do these calculations and the knowledge of what, where and how.

To aid designers and building technologists to better perform the calculations, we created the following to perform the fenestration and other building energy efficiency calculations outlined in the SANS 10400-XA and SANS 204 documents.


  • Excel workbook
  • Easy to use SANS 10400 Fenestration Calculator
  • All formulas and steps Automated
  • Minimize calculation errors
  • VERY easy to use
  • Just type in your data and WHALA!
  • Copy and paste in your Page 0
  • SAVE time on re-typing everything


  • Energy Consumption Calculator: lights
  • Sample Page o sheet (pdf & dwg) containing
  • Calculations layout: Fenestration
  • Calculations Layout: Energy Consumption
  • Section information Layout
  • Floor plan containing information layout
  • Competent person Responsibility disclaimer

Download eBOOK and see how the calculator will look

Cost: R200.00 [Download]



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Download eBOOK and see how the calculator will look
SANS eBook

SANS eBook SANS eBook

Corporate Companies whom used and utilize our skills
SAAB GRINTEK Technologies
WEBB Industries/ Jasco
SAQA: South African Quality Authority
Saving Green ( Pty ) Ltd
CHEMC Environmental (EIA's)
SMMT online
Transtate Group (PTY) LTD
RAVEN Town Planners
Guy Balderson Planners

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